Tess getting ready to bungee jumping in Spain

Tess Holland

Hometown: Washington, DC

Current City: Naples, Italy

Occupation: Remote worker for a market research company

College major: Double major in English and Anthropology

Hobbies: Travel blogging, reading, attempting to learn languages (I call myself try-lingual because I’m not fluent in three languages but at least I’m trying!)

Favorite travel book: I love On the Road by Jack Kerouac 

Number one destination on your to-go list: New Zealand or Carnival in Brazil 

Boldest thing on your travel bucket list: I would love to skydive somewhere beautiful or learn how to kite surf 

You never travel without: A journal to write in

Mountains or beaches: Ideally a place with both

Most overrated city you’ve been to: London. It’s a great city, but I also think it’s hugely over-hyped as a travel destination. There’s other big, awesome cities you can see for less money. I also think traveling to a country that doesn’t speak English is an important experience for Americans.

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