Church of the Transfiguration, Kizhi Island, Karelia, Russia

The Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad in Russia

Pro: They have food trucks filled with delicious pierogies and dumplings! How hip!

Pierogie Food Truck

It’s so cold most of the time that you must hide yourself under serious amounts of puffy jacket/layers if you want to keep warm.Bundled up in the cold

Which also means, you can eat whatever you want! Pro!
Embedded pro here: All the beets you could every want!! This country could be known as All-You-Can-Eat Beetland.

Russian Beets      Russian Beet Juice

River in St. PetersburgAnother pro: It’s so cold that you can walk on water! Frozen water. Three rivers flow through city of St. Petersburg. And it’s so cold that you can safely* walk on them for a few months in the wintertime.




Pro: You will see truly amazing feats of architecture at nearly every turn.Alex in front of the Kremlin                                              Russia Bell TowerRussia Plaza

Con: Sometimes, it’s just too cold to go outside. But there are some beautiful views, and someone will always give you some hot tea to drink, so it’s not so bad.




River In Spring


Pro: When it gets warm, the country completely changes. Plants and nature come to life, but I would argue that the people do as well.

Another pro: No more frozen water! You can take boat rides on the rivers and canals that divide the city which are very fun and a great way to sight-see.

Pro: You will come across sights of truly astounding beauty. And you’ll no doubt make some amazing friends on your program, because braving the harsh climate and the tough language barrier, in my experience, brought us together like a tight-knit family.Sunset over water    Paper lantern


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