Moments Captured Abroad: Europe One Bite At A Time

It was only a matter of time before I created a round up of some delicious dishes I’ve consumed!  Over the past few weeks I have eaten some traditional Italian, along with the change-up of cuisine from Barcelona.  My goal when I eat out is to order something I have never had before so I can continuously expand my palette.  Fortunately, my will power was strong enough these past weeks to not order the same delicious food I usually eat so I could capture the diverse assortment for you!

Mozzarella & Pesto Pizza
Gusta Pizza
Buttery Octopus & Potatoes
Milan Octopus & Potatoes
Breakfast Wrap Platter
Le Vespe Cafe Breakfast Wrap
Variety Plate of Meat Tacos
Barcelona Tacos

This dish stuck out to me the most.  The unique combinations of the freshest ingredients reminded me of my favorite restaurants back in the states.

Poached Egg Salad & Brie Strawberry Sandwich
Barcelona Brunch Combo: Poached Egg Salad & Brie / Strawberry Sandwich
Spanish Tapas of Grilled Calamari & Friend Artichokes
Spanish Tapas of Grilled Calamari & Friend Artichokes
Truffle Penne & Asparagus in a Fresh Bread Bowl
Firenze Bread Bowl: Truffle Penne & Asparagus

Trying as much food as my stomach and wallet can take is the goal for the rest of my time here in Europe.  What dish would you order?  Check back next week to see what it’s like to study abroad!

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