Aubriana Sweet

Aubriana Sweet

Hometown: Edinboro, Pennsylvania

Current City: New York City to Rome, Italy

Occupation: Junior in college studying abroad

College major: Fashion Merchandising

Hobbies: Finding new music, Exploring new places — especially restaurants, Dancing, Cooking, Swimming, Hanging out with family and friends, and yelling at Game of Thrones.

Favorite travel book: In lieu on my trip to Italy, The Agony & Ecstasy by Irving Stone

Number one destination on your to-go list: Madagascar, Africa

Boldest thing on your travel bucket list: Swimming with sharks even though I would be scared out of my mind.

You never travel without: The basic necessities, but mostly: a willingness to learn.

Number one song on your road trip playlist: Good Life by Kanye West

Mountains or beaches: Both.

Best foreign dish: Anything fresh, creative, and original; I love to try new dishes!

Most unique foreign dish: The local region’s specialty!

Most overrated tourist attraction: Times Square, New York City. No explanation needed.

Most underrated city you’ve been to: Gerona (Girona), Spain. The architecture, food, and city’s history make this small city so captivating.

Instagram: @aubsweet

Twitter: @aubs_sweet

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