Alex Bird

Alex Bird

Name: Alex Bird

Hometown: Lewisburg, PA

Current City: Philadelphia, PA

Occupation: Instructional Recruiter, School District of Philadelphia

College major: Psychology and Russian

Hobbies: Reading, binge-watching Netflix, exploring new places, the occasional barre class, spending time with friends and family, taking pictures of cool things, etc.

Favorite travel book: Midnight in Siberia by David Greene

Number one destination on your to-go list: New Zealand, closely followed by Iceland

Boldest thing on your travel bucket list: Maybe this is a travel cliché, but I’d really like to visit all seven continents. I already have four under my belt!

You never travel without: A camera! And a good book – you never know when you might need to kill a few hours in an airport or train station without WiFi.

Number one song on your road trip playlist: Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant) – Odesza

Mountains or beaches: Tough one. Beaches.

Best foreign dish: BORSCH! I love this stuff. Only the hot version, though.

Most unique foreign dish: I still feel a little weird/guilty about this, but I had a llama steak in Peru.

Most overrated tourist attraction: The Eiffel Tower

Most underrated city you’ve been to: Santiago, Chile – the history of this place is fascinating.

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