Alessandra Severoni

Alessandra Sev

Hometown: None. Grew up moving a lot. San Juan, Puerto Rico feels like home.
Current City: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Writer & Social Media Coordinator
College Major: B.A. Advertising
Hobbies: Reading, painting, writing poetry/lyrics, hiking, crafting, beer and travel (duh)
Favorite travel book: Tales of a Female Nomad
Number one destination still on the to-go list: Southeast Asia
Boldest bucketlist item: Travel for six months to a year with no permanent address, while working at least part-time remotely to stay busy and exploring.
Never travel without: notebook(s) and pens. I’m still old-school and love writing things down on paper as I feel inspired. I almost always have Ray-bans, a beanie, boots and multiple dresses in my suitcase, also.
Favorite roadtrip song: “Ends of the Earth” – Lord Huron
Mountains or beaches: If I can’t have both (which we do in SoCal!), beaches, definitely.
Most underrated city: Bath, UK. Granted, plenty of people visit Bath, but the experience of a history lesson coming to life and being tangible was really special. I wish more people my age would make it a point to visit there!
Places to return to: Austin, TX for live music, tacos and beer bars. Paris, France for food and to visit Jim Morrison at his final resting place. I’d also like to wander in and out of neighborhood cafes like a local while reading a book and eating/drinking all kinds of deliciousness.
When I travel I bring back: jewelry (usually vintage or handmade rings) in lieu of trite souvenirs. Thrift shopping in Europe is also a great way to pack light and return with wearable memories.
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